Samantha Hughes
Samantha HughesAdmissions Coordinator

On this page, you’ll find helpful information about the admissions process, what you need to know before selecting a nursing facility, basic information about our facility and more! It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to any healthcare decision, but the first thing you need to know is you have a choice in every healthcare decision that you make. If for some reason you have not been offered the choice of LaVerna Village as your skilled nursing facility, please inform us and we’ll be happy to help!

If you have already done your homework, then it’s time to schedule a tour or simply drop by. Taking a full guided tour by an admissions director is simply the best way to learn which facilities offer the best care. You’ll learn the sights, sounds, operations, and day-to-day coordination of a facility by doing so. We’ve also arranged a virtual tour which will give you a glimpse into LaVerna Village. We invite you to take a glance at the surroundings of our residents and staff. We’re certain that our large rooms, inviting interior design, and warm ambiance is more than enough to make you a believer in our superior care quality.

Social Services

Welcome to the LaVerna Village Social Services Department! Here you’ll be able to find information on most of the services available to you while you or your loved one is at LaVerna. From the moment you enter through our doors, our social services department will follow your progress and check in with you along the way. The department’s goal is to ensure that you are keeping on track with your planned care so that you are able to discharge back home as quickly and healthy as possible or meet your other health care goals.

From time to time, your needs won’t always be health based. In cases such as these, the social services department is typically the department that helps to arrange those services or meet those needs. Social Services is definitely the department where the “make it happen” people work within LaVerna Village.

Home Is Where Your Story Starts

At LaVerna Village, our goal is to watch every resident achieve the most optimum health possible. If the goal is to rehab to home, part of that process is to begin planning for each resident’s discharge on the same day they arrive. Every resident will receive an initial assessment to gauge cognition, behavior and mood, social history and medical needs. From there, our Social Services team conducts weekly progress evaluations with our Therapy and Nursing departments in tandem with your physician to coordinate the care you receive not only while you are our guest, but while you are at home as well, ensuring your continued health.

Care That Goes Beyond Our Doors

If your long term goal is to go home you can rest assured that when that time comes, the care that we provide does not end. Our social services team works with numerous home health agencies to arrange care if needed, and also provides assistance in arranging the following services:

  • Arrange Home Nursing
  • Arrange Durable Equipment Needs
  • Arrange PT/OT/Speech Therapy
  • Arrange Life Line Services
  • Arrange Home Making Services
  • Helping Hands
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Red Cross

Prior to each resident’s discharge to their home, Social Services can arrange to have a LaVerna therapist conduct a Home Evaluation. This service ensures that the therapist most familiar with your needs conducts a thorough evaluation of your home to identify issues that may need to be addressed.