Residents have the option weekly of attending church services made available through the different churches of the area. Their members are welcome and encouraged to come to visit or pray with LaVerna residents. The schedule is as follows:

Protestant Church Services: Sunday, 2:15pm
First Sunday: First Baptist Church of Savannah
Second Sunday: Savannah United Methodist
Third Sunday: Rosendale Christian Church
Fourth Sunday: St. John”s Church
Fifth Sunday: Taped Sermons
Protestant Communion: Third Sunday, 10:30


Catholic Church Services:

Father Hugh Tasch, OSB from Conception Abbey, provides the opportunity for the Sacraments and the Mass for Catholic residents.

Mass: 4:00 Thursday and Saturday
Communion Service: 4:00 Tuesday


*Requests are always honored for the presence of a chaplain of the residents” choice.

Among groups who regularly entertain the residents are musicians who play and sing hymns and other inspirational songs which are very much appreciated. A period of Bible reading and prayer takes place on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. This is available for all residents, whatever their Church preference.


Sister Elaine Gregory

Sister Elaine Gregory is a Benedictine Sister from Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kansas. Her life has been one of service and care of others in the areas of education and pastoral care. She is the oldest of eleven siblings and grew up on a farm near Agency, Missouri.

Before coming to LaVerna Village, Sister Elaine was an educator for fifty-two years, fifteen of which were spent as a missionary in Brazil. She also taught in the prison in St. Joseph, Missouri, for one semester. In addition to elementary schools, she was involved in adult education for five years at Donnelly College in Kansas City, Kansas. Her time in Brazil included experience in pastoral care, working with families, and ministering to the aged and homeless.

In 2001, Sister Elaine joined LaVerna Village staff as Director of Pastoral Care.

Having received a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Creighton University in Omaha, Sister Elaine also completed work in Clinical Pastoral Education at a hospital there. Part of her practicum was pastoral care in a nursing home.

Sister Elaine very much enjoys working at LaVerna Village where she continues to bring love and service to others. Pastoral care includes all residents, whatever their religious preference, and care is based on the belief in the human dignity of every person.