Over the last several years LaVerna Village has been a leader in affordable nursing care for St. Joseph and the surrounding area. During that time we have grown to the largest and highly rated skilled nursing facility in the area. While all facilities have had rate increases, we have held the line at the most affordable healthcare costs that we could. We’ve managed to operate the largest facility, employ the largest staff, and also undergo groundbreaking initiatives that have led the way in nursing care all while maintaining our fee structure to the best of our ability. We’ve been recognized as a top rated wound care center, we’ve reinvented the way that quality of life measures are implemented with regard to dietary measures; we’ve remodeled areas of our facility, renovated areas that have aged, hired some of the best professionals in their field. Indeed, we have operated LaVerna Village with a strict adherence to fiscal responsibility and unparalleled professionalism. Please call our business office for a list of our private pay and semi-private rates.

We encourage you to call our business office at your convenience with your questions, comments, or concerns. As always, thank you for the privilege of providing care for you and/or your loved one. Without exceptional people like you, we could not be the facility that we are today.